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Visions: The works of M. Anderson

Visions: The Works of M.Anderson is a small collection of my early work with Washington DC area models. Filled with glamour and theme based shots of some of the area’s most interesting models, this book will be an instant source of discovery and wonder. Taken over a period of two years, this book features special shots from diverse theme shoots like "Beauties at the Beach" and "Duel in the Woods".

Six models, each as different in their looks, as they are from each other are featured;

Yamato Nadeshiko

Melanie Muse

Clockwork Calamity

Jana Leo

Lettice Brown

Katya Selinivitch

Visions DC: A Different Perspective

Vision DC: A Different Perspective is a collection of street and architectural photographs of our nation's capital Washington DC.  You will see some of the land marks, the surrounding country side, and the little slices of life in this vibrant city.


Female Wired Magazine

Female Wired Magazine - Issue 9 - June 2018


Andrea Rivas

Cat Sanchez

Cheryl Lynn

Haily Eshelman

Helen di Styx

Maria Elaina Morganna



Taylor Cole


Bill Martin

Enzo Gianni

Joseph Inman

Matt Anderson

Obscura et impar Magazine

In this issue of Obscura et Impar magazine, they observe the genere-bending vibrant exhibits from Matt Anderson.  From virtual rality to avant-garde & body paint mixes with vibrant and loud fitness and swimwear sets. 

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