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Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer, Critic

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Current Projects (Television and YouTube)

Bloody Reviews


Bloody Reviews is a bi-weekly You-Tube based review show that  looks at little known horror films from all over the world.  Part of The Bloody Asylum group, the show features Horror Film aficionado and Bloody Asylum reviewer Craig Michael Rosenthal and film reviewer Matt Anderson.  Full of information, clips, and bloody honest reviews from two men who know movies.

Episode 1: Baby Blood

Episode 2: Bloody Mallory

Episode 3: The Hunger

Episode 4: Equinox

Episode 5: Biohazard

Terribly Awful

Special guess reviewer

Horror House on Highway 5


Behind The Set


“Behind the Set” was created in 2017 to showcase entertainment industry professionals in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. As interest in the show grew, BTS expanded its coverage to West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Initially a YouTube only series, BTS has now moved onto broadcast television. In early 2018, the series premiered on Fairfax Public Access Channel 10 as part of their growing roster of entertainment-based programs.


Editorial Adviser

Technical Adviser

Camera Operator

Behind the Set Episodes

BTS TV Epi 1: Bottom Creek

BTS TV Epi 2: Outlaw Wrestling

BTS TV Epi 4: Draupadi

BTS TV Epi 6: 4 State Comic Con

Completed Projects

Death The Final Journey (Original Edit)

Death-The Final Journey (Directors Cut)

In Production

The Ungulate

Film Summary:

A man and his daughter are mistakenly killed by three poachers hunting deer in the woods. 5 years pass and the poachers return to the area of the crime along with a rich hunter looking for his money shot. Question is are they alone?



Cinematographer/Director of Photography

Camera Operator


Bottom Creek

Film Summary:

When her two prized dogs and husband are killed in a car crash, Martha Boggs is left with a mental condition and two mentally challenged sons. When the bank comes calling to repossess the family farm, she finds a terrifying way to keep them at bay, and seek revenge for deaths of her dogs.


2nd Director of photography/Camera Operator


The Devil's Den

Feature Film

Writer/Director Kent Wagner

Set Photographer/Documentary Crew

Poker Face

Short Film: Horror

Writer/Director: Craig Michael Rosenthal

Producer: Matt Burns



Short Film: Horror

Writer/Director: Matthew Lee Anderson

The Debriefing

Short Film: Science Fiction

Writer/Director: Matthew Lee Anderson

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